Merci Tony and SA Spurs!

When Justin Winget, the art director of SA Spurs, reached out to me to design this logo, I was absolutely excited, I've never worked with NBA teams before so I tried to approach the project very carefully.
The Brief.

Tony Parker's career was truly spectacular, he is the four time league champion, six time All-Star player, and to top it off he has the seventh most wins in NBA history. Many call TP "the King of Teardrop shot",so that's what I had to capture in the logo.​​​​​​​

Sketching process
Finding a picture that shows Tony making the perfect teardrop shot was a major challenge, but eventually we were able to find one that represents him the most. After the sketching process, we agreed to 3 different "Teardrop" directions.​​​​​​​

First vectors
I'd also like to mention that Tony was involved in the process too and he chose the third option with the lettering, my favourite one haha :)
Final adjustments
We ended up with the third direction but, some parts of lettering and Tony's illustration still needed to fix them up.
The result
This was a great gig and I'm very happy with the result. I would like to say Thank You to everyone on the Spurs creative team, and a personal to Tony Parker. ​​​​​​​

Thanks for watching everyone!
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