Lettering logotype on colourful background

Purple Puppet is one of the top character focused service studios in the industry. It was founded in 2015 by Riham Toulan and Frederic Lierman who both are industry veterans in the games and cg industry. Their headquarters are located in the historic city of Bruges, Belgium.

So Fred reached me out, and I was hired by the company  a new logotype, and also draw some illustrations related to their updated brand to expand it and create a near-brand microculture. He said that they are big fans of their actual mascot, but asked to refresh it a little, colorize, and also make a more playful Logotype.
Purple Puppet logotype before and after
The problem with the old Logotype — a typeset font without customization. The presence of many identical letters P greatly emphasizes this problem. Due to its square shape, it was not very suitable for the main carrier (the site header). Therefore, I made a 100% custom and more horizontally aligned Logotype. ​​​​​​​
simple animation of lettering logotype on purple backgroung
set of one color logos, badges and lettering logotypes on a purple background
illustration of an old mascot before and new redesigned mascot after
For the Mascot, Fred said that they are 90% happy with their old one, and I agree, that it was very well drawn. But I thought it was necessary to make some lines more logical, workout the randomized Bézier curves, reduce the amount of points and basically bring the picture to a common denominator.
vector illustration of colorful cute mascot in glasses
As a part of an updated identity and a way to diversify it a bit, I also designed a full color mascot  for various media such as business cards, website, clothing, etc.​​​​​​​

brand colors palette
colorful background animation and logotype on it
colorful background animation and logotype on it
logotype and mascot illustration on a business cards
logotype and mascot illustration on a business cards
pixel logo animation on gameboy screen and lettering logotype on colorful background
banner design with mascot and lettering logo
desktop computer with lettering mascot logo on an animated colorful background  in branded identity
discord page and web page in branded identity  and animated illustration of mascot on it
black hoodie with and postcard  mascot design on it in branded identity on purple background
modern mascot design with Japan letters on purple background
purple hoodie with lettering logotype and wristbands with branded identity logo and mascot
postcard with colorful branded identity and mascot on it
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